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What You Eat
30 July 2021


posted by bria at 30th July 2021, 10:45 AM

I know the stereotype about vegetarians - well I guess it applies more to vegans, but even so, the stereotype about anyone with certain food requirements or restrictions, is that they can't shut up about it. But in my case, I just want to eat what I eat and not eat what I don't eat and go on with my life, but it's inevitable that in some dining situation my food preferences will arise, just out of plain logistics, or, in situations such as that depicted here, when people realize that I'm eating some kind of vegetarian-like food. And in my experience, it's then the person with the normal or non-restricted diet that has to talk about it. I just want everyone to eat what they eat and not eat what they don't eat and talk about something a bit more interesting. Like worms! Did you know there is a species of jumping worms - they actually jump! - that are an invasive species?