i cry while u sleep

but also while you're awake

Manic Pixie Dream Girl
24 July 2017


posted by tecco_dsilva at tecco_dsilva

The idea behind this comic is threefold:1. Just your daily reminder that other people don't exist FOR you, to serve as your foil for self-fulfillment or whatever. 2. Thinking or telling someone they're cool, interesting, fun, and so forth is great and all, but that alone does not constitute a reason for them to hang out with you/be your friend/date you/love you back. Relationships can't be founded on compliments alone; even insecure people don't want to hang out with people that don't also pique their interest, even if those other people think highly of them. Saying, 'hey you're awesome!' is not an effective way of procuring a real friendship. 3. Returning to point #1, manic pixie dream girls are not for you. They're for me. I want them. They're mine.